About Us

We Shah Minerals & Chemicals introduce ourselves as mine owners, and largest manufacturers of Fuller’s Earth/Activated Bleaching Clay/Attapulgite Clay/Bentonite Powder and Granules. We have a expertise of more than three and half decade.

Our products are used in recycling of used lubricating oils, manufacturing of transformer oils, paraffin wax from slack wax, other industrial oils and also in edible and vegetable oils.


Our Product is used as a bleaching agent, neutralizer and as filter aid. 
We have our own source of minerals and basic raw materials. The long lease and tie-up with mines ensures a constant and consistent supply of raw material. This enables us to maintain a steady quality to our customers for years to come.
The efficiency of product depends upon the rigid and correct selection of right basic raw material which we at all times ensure.
At our mines we have very rigid norms for selection, transportation and storage of crude mineral.
Our product is manufactured in most modern plant with sound technical and financial back up. We have developed a multi level control procedure in all our unit operations for maintaining consistency in products. Quality, consistency in quality, prompt service and transparency in dealings is our prime motto. 
At the factory the process quality control makes sure that the raw material is treated to the correct degree of size reduction, segregation and activation enabling the manufacture of a high and consistent quality product.
We do a thorough analysis of the finished product prior to packing and dispatch, to ensure that the material is consistent with industries requirements for pH, mesh size, moisture and efficiency.
We are life members of various organizations like 1.Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry India, 2.Hyderabad-Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 3.Gulbarga Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 4. Karnataka Association of Small Scale Industry,5.Indo-Arab Chamber of Commerce Industries